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Songhak-ri House : 

Stacking  Aligning  Sliding



Private House

Yangpyeong, South Korea


August 2013

A typical size of door frame which is 900mm*2100m has been set up as a basic design component with 300mm depth. The component used directly as a door frame and a window frame. Also aggregations of the component used as architectural design elements such as corridor and stairs, aligning many of those sides by sides, and balustrade, which are seemingly less related.


The corridors and stairs that made of basic design components by aligning and sliding used to introduce skip floor system to this project. Furthermore it cuts across in the middle of the project supplying main reference grid for all the other design elements. Therefore, the openings in south and north side of the project have the dimension of 900mm*2100mm and the other sides have longer one in vertical with 300mm width.


Each cube contains rooms that constitute private house and are placed on the site with one side opened for its necessities. For those placed in south opened south as well containing programs required more light inside and the others are located in north side with north face opened.


The skip floor system applied in this project makes the rooms to be located relatively in different levels which make long approach from outside to each bedroom via LDK space. Consequently it helps to create sequential hierarchy of space between public and private.

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