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2016 Young Architect Program: Artificial Forest






Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

August 2016

Yung A Kim


Peter Bae, Jeong Woo Jang, So Jin Kang, Byoung Kei Yi, Eun Jin Choi

"What would be an attraction for people to visit MMCA front yard in summer time?"
The starting point was the essence of water wondering if we could make a feeling of refreshment on the site. Instead of form finding process for a pavilion, we focused on exploring materials and creating a light and floating atmosphere by single structural substance. Inviting polycarbonate panel that is used as a translucent external finish material in architecture practice, we could build multi-layered glimmering effect after CNC and interlocking building method. We expected that the multi transparent layers fuse its form but absorb surroundings and the space is composed of ambiguous color and movement and undulation of shadow as a loom through interwoven polycarbonate panels. Then we ended up ‘Artificial Forest’. As a basic structure in order to lift up a roof, beam and column becomes one module and 16 modules were placed in 4 by 4 grids in the front yard of MMCA. And leftover materials after building the basic modules become benches for resting and various events in between the space by stacking each other. What was exciting to us was the idea of making the pavilion and surroundings merge into each other. Creating transparent and light pavilion rather than solid and heavy, we expected to offer lively and extraordinary experience on the front yard of MMCA.

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