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Elevating the Public Realm: 

2 by 4 to Queens Way




Public Walkway

New York, USA

May 2013


Able Studio


 Jin Woo Kim,

Han Gyul Jeong

Remained practically inactive over five decades, the truncated single-track portion of the Rockaway Beach Branch, called “QueensWay”, between two end points (Rego Park-Ozone Park) opened up as reusing construction factor. Throughout urban fabric conversion, it gives the valuable boundary back to enable the Rockaway-based community. Moreover, undergoing the restoration of former Ozone Park station enables the local communities to have economic development opportunities and rehabilitation for pedestrian walkway and bicycle path beyond the isolated portion of Queensway. Our project is to speculate in a variety of operating in usable forms and each sectional adaption of the overall abandoned rail line in urban-re-setting.

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