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2014 UIA Duban Congress Seoul Pavilion





Durban, South Africa

August 2014


Yung A Kim


Angela Buckland


 Jin Woo Kim, Han Gyul Jeong, Jun Bum Lee, Eun Jin Choi, Peter Bae, Jeong Woo Jang, Byoung Kei Yi, So Jin Kang

At the time UIA 2014 Congress in Durban, Seoul stand competition was held, we were asked by FIKA to create Seoul pavilion, a new icon for Seoul, as the next host city for UIA 2017.The Seoul pavilion has a more important role to announce abroad the status of Seoul with our traditional to modern architecture and bring international attention to the city. We replied that their overriding intention had been to create a space that would prove functionally and esthetically hospitable to a range of carefully speci􀃕ed uses for the promotion. In that aim we created an inspiring exhibition which could be both a space and experience which re􀃖ects the character of the city of Seoul. Seoul, the City of Hidden Dimension Seoul is the dynamic city that cannot explained by a certain place, certain time or certain event. The installation situates the visitor in the hidden dimension of Seoul, allowing them to experience dynamic city fabric with overlaid layers of grid. In its dimension, projected images and light on grid brings the space in a constant change for more than one perspective.

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